Dream Angel

S tanding over the grave of Memphis Tennessee’s most famous resident, Elvis Presley, in the conclusion of Eternal Flame (Xlibris, Corp, 2007), Samantha Lynn Bennett sheds one last tear. She’d wanted to be strong, and trust God to mend her broken heart. But the healing power of time was not her friend. Samantha lacked patience.

She loved her guardian angel as she loved no other man and she’d waited for him longer than she had any other. Now, with the cascading water from the fountain in the gardens center comforting her, and the night invigorating her, she vowed to get her angel back.

When a dashingly handsome stranger stepped out from the shadows, a plan formed.


Reviews for Dream Angel:

“The writer truly knows about Elvis as there were mannerisms that only Elvis did. I couldn’t put the book down just waiting for Samantha’s angel to pop in. ” ~Lil Dreamer, Amazon, USA.

“If you are not an Elvis fan, you will be after reading these books. And if you are an Elvis fan, you will love him even more than you do right now. ”  ~J. Kinney, Amazon, USA

“I really enjoyed this second book, trouble is I read it in a day, Sam is the one we all want to be.”  ~Bear, Amazon, UK

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