Getting My Life Back

The past couple of years has been an amazing time for me. I never could have dreamed my life would be were it is today, as not so long ago I was well over six hundred pounds. I was taking cholesterol and blood pressure medication. I walked with a cane. I hated life and myself. Well, several hundred pounds gone and I no longer need a cane or medications. I have rediscovered life. I’m alive today because I learned to love myself again, not because I lifted those weights, ran that mile, and ate less–though I did do all those things. I have realized my purpose. I under I have value. And so do you!

I’m not a teacher, a doctor, or a professional. I have no degrees or plaques on my wall. But I have the experience, and the know how, of what it takes to regain control of ones life. Yes you can–love yourself. Yes you can–take back you life!!!


Dan Hawthorne

“How does a man who once thought of himself as just and good take-up self-loathing as a hobby? I haven’t seen the real me in years. I wasn’t even sure where I put him or if he ever really existed. Maybe I imagined him. And had it not been for the moonlight seeping through a set of tattered blinds, I would not have thought the hands before me where mine.  

 Bloated and with no visible veins, they’re familiar yet unrecognizable. I stare at them, pondering their functionality. They appeare to have no faceting point where one might expect a forearm to meet a palm. Whoever the owner was, I couldn’t help but wonder if they knew they had hands like a cartoon character. Then, I wiggled a finger–my finger—and I saw the puppets hand move.

 It’s official. I’m. A. Loser!”

~Man In The Mirror: By Dan Hawthorne with Patricia Garber

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