Excerpt Eternal Flame



Dear Diary, it’s been a long time since we last spoke. I need help, and I don’t know where to turn anymore. I have made some bad choices in my life so far, but the mess I’ve managed to get into this time tops them all. What does a girl do when she falls in love with something that doesn’t belong to her? She knows this cannot go on, but the idea of living without it seems worse than the repercussions of keeping it. Is there anyone or anything out there that cares for the suffering of the brokenhearted?


“Honey, could you show me where you keep your coffee?” I could hear his rich familiar voice, giving real question to my sanity, as he called out to me. “You’re out.”

As though mesmerized, I followed the invisible path of his intoxicatingly masculine scent that pulled me through the house into the kitchen. No man had the right to smell so good at such great distances. I found myself analyzing his fragrance, his essence. What was that smell anyway? It was like a great cologne, unlike anything the most talented designer could create, mixed with the natural scent of a fresh spring rain. Only nature could create a bouquet so clean and crisp. I stifled a deep sigh as I looked at him, standing there ready for the day. He was leaning casually against the counter, watching his new world outside my window, unaware I’d entered the room. I caught myself almost envying how he made looking good seem all so effortless. He was a perfect picture of a real man. Every hair accounted for, in its ideal place, and a face of an angel. It hit me then that I’d never find another like him. The history-proven fact was that there never has been another man like him. This undeniable awareness allowed fear to needle its way into my heart. If I fell in love with this man, that surely meant loneliness in my future.

I wasn’t aware he drank coffee, I realized as he turned toward me, morning sunlight catching the sparkle off his famously blue eyes.

Just look at that beautiful face I’m now sharing my days with.

How did I get into this situation? He needs to go back now, before I can’t let him. It seems like a lifetime ago when this whole mess got started, and yet it’s only been days since he stepped into my life. But I know it’s only a matter of time before he steps back out. I still remember the day that I now call the first day of my renewed life, when my coworker and travel buddy Heather Dawson called with an offer that started it all.