Brinkley’s Corner: Voodoo Dust (Catnip)

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   Voodoo dust; dirt like substance, able to turn cats into dogs! That’s right my fellow canine lovers, you are hearing it here first; the cat’s have found a way to become dogs. And why would they want to be a dog, you ask? Why, for that matter, would any human want to turn a cat into a dog, why not just get more dogs; there are plenty of us in every shelter across the country? Why indeed? And as bizarre as this sounds, I propose these tiny flakes disguised in bags decorated with a crazed cat on the front—not to be mistaken for...

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Brinkley’s Corner: Life with Cats – The Arrival

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 What is this animal, they call, cat? It’s fast. It’s limber. It’s able to leap small children in a single bounce!  It’s ruining my life! Rumor even has it that humans once worshiped these feline devils. Yes, my fellow canines, this is what I heard, and I’m here to tell you that these diamond-eyed freaks  believe they deserve such reverence! How do I know this, you ask? Because three of these obsessively clean  pests have recently moved into my house, and my human have already fallen into a trance, no...

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Brinkley’s Corner: Dog Alerts–Sign Up Now!

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Blah-blah-blah-Brinkley. Blah-blah-blah-Brinkley. We’ve all heard our names called, and though the expression that usually precedes our name is lost in translation, we pause. Not because humans are so profound, but rather, because they’re unpredictable. Let’s face it, understanding our human takes time. Like the putting-on-the-clothes-to-leave routine, we’re thinking, cool, it must be park time. We race to find a favorite toy, all the while pacing from the bedroom to the door and back again. Then a realization...

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Brinkley’s Corner: Teaching Your Human How To Play.

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Brinkley’s Corner: Teaching Your Human How To Play.

Did you know, we dogs sleep 8-12 hours a day? Sound familiar? Basically, when our human sleeps–we sleep. When our human eats–we eat. And when our human plays–we are always ready to play. Problem is, most humans don’t allow for enough play time. And us dogs really want to play. Play–eat–play–eat. That’s what we’re about. Now my Mom is a very busy woman. Dad too. But today, for the purpose of play, I’m going to share a little secret with you. (Tip: This is a dogs-only secret. Quietly...

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Brinkley’s Corner: Life Is A Ball

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My name is Brinkley. I’m a two year old silver Labrador Retriever. My mama says to tell you I’m not a Weimeraner. I don’t know what that means but apparently it’s important, so, consider yourself told. Basically–I’m a dog, as you can see. The only title I care about is my name. It starts with a Brink and ends with a Lee. And when mom calls it, it usually means three things: Love, Food, or Balls. I love balls! As I think back to my first ball, which I think was yesterday or maybe the day before, I...

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Remembering September 11th

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I was on a scheduled day off from my job at American Airlines when the world stood still for a day. Shaken out from a deep sleep by my mom’s shaky voice hollering, “Trisha Lee. Get up. American is on the news!”…I knew we had an aircraft down. The shock in her voice told me that much. But I also heard something new as well–horror. I laid there a moment, eyes closed, and just prayed. I prayed for the many lives that my mother’s tone suggested had been lost. I prayed for the families. I wondered if I knew...

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Living in the greater North West region of this country one gets used to hearing words like “tree hugger” and or “naturalist” , all describing a group of people who—how should I put it—don’t use deodorant. Well, no matter the stereotype, it is true that we love to wave our environmental causes here in the Pacific North West. And who wouldn’t be a tad overzealous when living in God’s country? (I can hear Montana residence moaning from here. Ok, Ok, I’ve been there, I’ve seen it, and yes you are magnificent! Now back to...

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A unexpected guest

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Winston and Sebastian’s first day together was filled with anything but warm and fuzzy sentiments. Basically, Winston hated him. Turns out our little pound puppy, we loving called “jig-a butt”, for his over-active personality, actually liked being the only dog. Who knew? So, when Sebastian came to visit that afternoon, Winston acted as if his life was coming to an end. Oh, the tragedy, the injustice—his drama queen persona was in full swing. When I cracked the car door, Seb wasted no time in getting out. He’d been...

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It was an unusually warm day when I went to pick up Sebastian for his first “outing”. The sun was shining and the sky was free from the rain clouds one normally expects to see this time of year in the Northwest. After a few pleasantries, I put Sebastian on a leash and out we went. Or rather out I went as he proceeded to drag me to the car. Clearly “bye-bye” was a word he knew well, and once out the door, he shot off like a Husky rigged up to a sled. I was like a feather thrashing about in a tornado entitled...

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Love At First Sight.

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Sebastian came to me in a round-about-way, an act of fate some might say. It was the fall of 2000. And at the time Marc and I were living in a 9 ½ foot camper on a piece of property we had just bought that spring. Talk about close quarters. At the time we were clearing the land ourselves, and working every free hour of the day, getting ready to break ground for the construction of our dream home—a modest sized log cabin. It was still early in the fall season when Sebastian first stepped into our life. The weather was undecided. A light...

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