Remembering September 11th

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I was on a scheduled day off from my job at American Airlines when the world stood still for a day. Shaken out from a deep sleep by my mom’s shaky voice hollering, “Trisha Lee. Get up. American is on the news!”…I knew we had an aircraft down. The shock in her voice told me that much. But I also heard something new as well–horror.

I laid there a moment, eyes closed, and just prayed. I prayed for the many lives that my mother’s tone suggested had been lost. I prayed for the families. I wondered if I knew any of my work colleagues; the men and women who simply got up and put on their uniform that day, and went to work as if it was just another day in their life. I thought about American’s C.A.R.E team, the every day employees that volunteer to give their time and their hearts to the grieving families. Then I gathered my strength and joined my family–my country.

I couldn’t right away grasp what was happening. It was New York City, I understood that. Buildings were still standing, though just barely. Something was burning, people were screaming, and the media was in a frenzy. I was hearing words like planes–plural–and targets, also plural. My cellphone started to ring. It was work. A choked voice said, “If you can come in, we need you.” At first, I said nothing. I was still trying to understand who was calling. I should know the voice behind the words, I thought. Yet, I’m not sure who I’m talking to and because I’m quiet the questions start. “Have you seen the news?” I tell the frantic voice I’m watching it now. “Trish we are still missing a plane,” the statement shakes me back to reality. Numb, I turn and head for my bedroom and my uniform. Still not fully understanding, I dress by rote. I needed to get to my people, my colleges, my passengers–my Airline.

God Bless all those lost and all those that work everyday to keep America and her airlines safe.

Patricia Garber